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10 steps to make website loading speed faster

Nowadays, how to speed up website page loading time is a burning question, regardless of anyone’s business or niche. Restrains in loading a website faster can demotivate the potential clients or customers to lose interest from browsing your page. They may jump back to the search outcomes and then click through to your competitors’ page.

We have found out some of the shortcomings, required to be fixed, to make your website load faster with pictures.

Look at these tips for making your website faster to ensure your potential customers’ comfort and browsing delight.

1. Emergence to use CDN

The use of an owned content delivery network can contribute a lot to making your website faster and smoother. In general, the connections between global servers share websites’ static files, for instance; CSS or JavaScript to the nearby searchers.

The application of owned CDN assures a fast browsing experience for your website to your potential clients around the world.

2. Disposal of Outdated Plugins

The backdated and poor plugins are also the reason behind your slow website loading.

Though plugins are beneficial for bringing up new functions in websites. But the older outdated plugins do not render anything but slowing down your website. Thus, fix them out to reduce page load time.

3. Focus on Cache

Use the Cache version for static resources as it will help you a lot to speed up your page and will get the website out of lag. As the browser’s cache version stores a great deal of users’ access, it reduces page loading time.

4. Emergence on Adaptive Images

Generally, a website’s page weight is almost burdened with images, and this results in slowing page loading speed and hampers bandwidth. Picturefill or Adaptive Images are some of the effective tools, dedicated to minimizing images’ weight to your page.

Furthermore, you can adopt WebP and JPeg XR to lessen image weight by twenty to fifty percent without undermining image quality.

5. Emergence of Content Compression

Content compression is also considered a good way to reduce your page loading time. It has seen that the use of GZIP compression algorithm does it on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Besides, there are online compressor services to delete extra spaces and characters across HTML and CSS code.

6. Application of HTTP Keep-Alive Response Headers

As HTTP requests work on a single file at a time to grab, distribute, and close, it allows the browser and server to get the same connection for grabbing and sending many files. This procedure works on the processor, network, and memory by easing the load pressure.

7.  Setting up Expires Headers

Expires Headers saves your website files on the users’ computers for loading the website faster and lag-free. For this they will visit your website next time.

By default, there is a 24-hour duration for this kind of saving, but you can extend the duration at your desired time or day for reducing page load time.

But, you can set the expires header for an unlimited duration and it is guaranteed it does not hamper your server and page load time.

8. Consolidation of images into CSS Sprites

Sprites assemble all background images on a page into a single image and a user can avail all images with the help of loading the main sprite. Keeping several images on a single page and forcing many roundtrips of the server to access secured resources can slow down page speed.

Applying Sprites undermines the chance of flickering images for smooth browsing.

9. Focus on lessening JavaScript and CSS used

You can get out of the useless line breaks, extra space, and many more by using CSS Minifier or Compressor.

Being out of this unnecessary stuff, your website parsing, content downloading, and execution are sure to increase your website loading speed.

10. Application of Managed WordPress solution

The offered Managed WordPress solutions can also be a reliable option to make your website load faster with pictures for users’ friendly smoothness and access.

As the country is experiencing the fastest expansion of IT firms, several firms are providing the best hosting service in Bangladesh. These firms also offer SSD Web Hosting along with a new Managed WordPress solution to make the website load faster.

The importance of website loading speed is beyond description. As it triggers your potential visitors, if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, it is guaranteed that approximately 40% of visitors will leave your site. So, take necessary initiatives from the above-mentioned tips to hold your market and to face your competitors.

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