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How to keep your domain secure along with name

Domain is considered as the most valuable property in this digital arena. It is often prone to be stolen or hacked. Domain stands not only for your web address but also for your business identity and reputation.

To ensure the existence of your business, the importance of securing the domain safety and legal access is beyond description. The safe virtual presence of your company, irrespective of its functions, in this ongoing world is a must for business promotion and branding.

Here is a shortlist of 9 outstanding tips for you about how to secure your domain along with its name. Check them out for your benefits.

1. Ensure Domain Registration along with its name for 10 years

To forget to renew your domain name can result in losing its access to someone. Otherwise a missed domain name renewal leaves you amidst varied troubles. Always ignore shorter period registration. Register your domain at least for the next 10 years.

2. Register a domain name to a corporate entity

Registering a domain name to an individual’s name results in having many troubles shortly. You can be at risk of losing authority over it and to reclaim ownership requires a long time and a good amount of money. So, register your domain to your corporate entity, irrespective of individuals involved in your business.

Besides, activate domain privacy, an inexpensive and simple tool, if you have online anonymity issues.

3. Don’t leave your domain name ‘Unlocked’

Leaving the domain name unlocked results in the risk of it being transferred to anyone. Then your authority would be a question.

To secure your domain name, lock your domain name through the simple domain name management system. Right after your domain registration.

4. Choose a reliable register

Before registration of your domain name account, select an experienced domain provider. Who can guarantee your domain name stability for long period and has no chance to go out of business.

5. Select a strong password

Never use an easy-to-guess password as this kind of poor password leads you to a data security threat. Passwords formed of continuous number sequences, birthday dates, names of your child or yours, and other guesstimate things about you do not secure your domain.

It is suggested to form your password with at least one numeric value, one symbol, and at least two randomly selected letters so that it would be beyond the guessing capability of the potential hackers.

6. Use the best credible VPN

The use of a credible VPN makes your domain name account safe from potential hackers.

Hackers are always there on the lookout to avail unsecured connections, compromised to siphon off valuable data. So, before logging into your account, choose a credible Best VPN.

7. Register variations of your domain name

Register variances can help you against imitating your brand and its reputation. The common hacking tricks such as phishing or domain name typosquatting. The potential hackers can use your domain to trick unsuspected users into providing confidential details for example; banking information and others.

8. Give confidential backup contact information

While registering your domain name, you should offer multiple backup information as it helps most to regain a domain name account.

You also need to manage your domain name with an alternative email address that serves backup facilities.

9. Give backup payment details

Following the backup contact information, you are also advised to use more than one payment method for your domain name account’s safety.

If your credit card becomes out of expiry date, you would be at the risk of losing your domain name account, and having another backup payment method can make you out of this trouble.

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