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How To Find Lost CNAME Record Of Blogger Blog Second Time For Custom Domain


Follow the easy guide below to get the Second CNAME record again?

Getting CNAME Records in Blogger Second Time:

It is a very simple way we shall be taking to get you back on your lost second CNAME records of your blog or website. We are not working on getting the first CNAME record as mentioned before because it is default to all blogger Blogspot accounts.

How do we get this second CNAME Records in Blogger is what we are after.

Steps to follow to get  CNAME records in blogger for the second time:

Step – 1  > Go to Google Webmasters Central. Go to the GoogleWebmasters Verification Tool and here you will find the list of your verified sites.

 Head over to the site which you want to find the details Click on Verification details.

Step – 2    > Click on Details link on DNS CNAME record

Step – 3    Copy your DNS CNAME record details and paste in your DNS Zone

                CNAME (Alias) windows

In these three steps, from the Webmaster verification tool, your problem finds its solution.

Our second DNS CNAME record; Host and Pointing to address can now be copied and pasted to the domain provider account. It’ll make it easier for the domain registrar to locate the website or blog again. Remember to give some time for the redirection to effectively work.


If your domain is not already verified in the google webmaster tools follow this 

Verifying via your domain name provider

This method requires that your domain is using DianaHost’s default nameservers, but you do not need to have an active hosting plan to verify your domain using this method.

Google will provide you with the option of using a TXT or CNAME record to add to your domain in your DianaHost panel.

  • Verify via your domain name provider CLICK HERE. To use this method, you must be able to sign in to your domain name provider Select Other this option from here
  • There are two ways to verify your site via your domain registrar. Select Adding a DNS TXT or CNAME record.
  • By default, we’ll show you instructions for adding a DNS TXT record. If this method isn’t available, we’ll show you instructions for adding a CNAME record. YOU NEED TO SELECT THE CNAME OPTION FROM HERE

    Verify Your Site Via Your Domain Registrar:

    1. On the Webmaster Tools Home page, click the Manage Site button next to the site you want, and then click verify this site.
    2. Click the Alternate methods tab.
    3. Select the Domain name provider, If you don’t find your provider here select OTHER
    4. Select your domain registrar and follow the instructions on your screen. If your domain registrar isn’t listed, select Other, and follow the instructions to manually create a DNS/CNAME record.
    5. Click Verify. Removing the record from your server can cause your site to become unverified, and you will need to go through the verification process again.

Webmaster Tools will check to see that the specified tag, file, record, or code is present. If it is, we consider you a site owner and will show you site details.

 It can take up to 72 hours for Google to verify the new DNS record in their system. Google also recommends that you leave this record on the domain, even after it has been verified.


How To Find Lost CNAME Record Of Blogger Blog Second Time For Custom Domain

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