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Buy Domain in Bangladesh: The next million dollar business

Do you know that you can be a millionaire by selling domain? If not then read the full article thoroughly. Buying domain in Bangladesh is not that much popular to the people. But Dianahost made this popular and easier to buy a domain. From now on you can buy domain with Bkash payment. No need to worry about for paying via credit card or paypal. We are now the most trusted domain hosting company in Bangladesh.

Now let’s come to the main point. You will be astonished to know that domain are sold in millions of dollars. Large brands pay a lot of money to register domain in their own name. As a matter of fact, by researching the domain name if you can buy those kind of domain one day it will turn a x-factor in your life. Due to easy domain purchase procedure and lowest cost available in the market Dianahost is the most popular domain registrar in Bangladesh.

Here are some list of domain which is known as the highest price purchased by the brands in recent years.

  1. CarInsurance.com — $49.7 million
  2. Insurance.com — $35.6 million
  3. VacationRentals.com — $35 million
  4. Voice.com — $30 million
  5. Internet.com — $18 million
  6. Insure.com — $16 million
  7. Fund.com — £9.99 million
  8. Hotels.com — $11 million
  9. Fb.com — $8.5 million
  10. Business.com — $7.5 million

Why domain are sold at a high price?

The main reason for the high price of the domain is the name/brand name. People always search for things or items by name. Domain names are the same as the name of some multi billion dollar company. To show the brand presence on the internet these companies buys the domain at a higher price. Sometimes, there are already existed website with the same name having a great public presence and the popularity. Buyer pays the price for that popularity. That is why domain prices can be as high as it gets. Some other cases, due to domain auction price get higher and higher at the time of auctions.

If you are able to buy such domain you will sure be a millionaire. To help you out Dianahost has made domain purchase easier than ever. In the meantime, you can also get bulk domain purchase service in Bangladesh only at Dianahost.

On the other hand, if you think you need to make money by selling domain. You can also do that. We provide domain registration service in Bangladesh with all types of extensions. You can buy any domain you want if that is available. After buying those domain you can sell those domain in international marketplace when you want to get a higher price.
Let’s start you next million dollar business by buying domain from Dianahost.

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