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Why site speed is important and a hosting service can optimize your site loading speed

Online businesses are slowly but surely finding their foot in Bangladesh. So hosting services in Bangladesh has also risen. But it is one thing to follow a trend, but totally another to stay relevant within the trend. Being successful in the online medium depends on a large part upon how much one knows about the whole platform. A business is solely dependent on how convenient they can make the customer’s acquisition of the product or service. So knowing the ins and outs of the technical aspects of the service can help you go a long way.

Ensuring that visitors, potential customers and existing customers get a good user experience is tantamount in online business. That aspect in large part depends on site speed. A user searches for a solution to a problem in the internet. If the person comes across a website containing that problem, he/she will expect the solution to load fast. But if the website doesn’t load properly then they will leave the site. This is a very big negative for any online business.

Hosting services have quite a lot to do in terms of speeding up the site speeds. Hosting service ensures that the website stays online. So the deliverance of the website to the user happens because of the hosting. So the speed is something that is optimized within the hosting service itself. The proximity of the server, optimization, bandwidth, connection security through SSL, type of storage all play a role in speeding up the site. In terms of Bangladeshi websites, one thing to note is that local hosting providers have more of an edge providing speed towards the websites.

For online businesses Dianahost provides great plans for web hosting in Bangladesh. In order to provide smooth user experience and site speed Dianahost provides essential features in order to get the best results. Some of their features for speeding up websites include

  • SSD type of storage
  • Servers in Proximity
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Easy management through cPanel
  • Fast Database connections
  • Varying bandwidth according to user demand
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So you can be assured of a speedy website with Dianahost. Dianahost provides shared hosting plans that can benefit online businesses in various ways. They have 10 plans for shared hosting ranging from $1/month-$105/month. All of the plans have the aforementioned features to get you a fast loading website, provide great user experience and also continued success.

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