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WhatsApp SMS Marketing Software in Bangladesh

DianaHost is excited to offer you the Best WhatsApp SMS Marketing Software in Bangladesh. We have our special system that makes it super easy for businesses. You can use WhatsApp to tell people about your products, talk to customers, and sell more things. We know what works in Bangladesh, so your messages will be just right.

With Dianahost, you’ll get dependable WhatsApp SMS Marketing Software that can help your business grow. Choose us, and you’ll have the power of WhatsApp at your fingertips to boost your marketing efforts. We’re here to support you every step of the way

Tiger Vikram WhatsApp Marketing Software

TG WA Soft 1 PC License

TG WA Soft 3 PC License

TG WA Soft 5 PC License

TG WA Soft 10 PC License

WA Sender WhatsApp Marketing Software

WA Soft 1 PC License

WA Soft 3 PC License

WA Soft 5 PC License

WA Soft 10 PC License

Tiger Vikram V.22 Interface
WA Sender V.3.2.0 Interface

Software Features:

  • Instant Delivery 
  • Your OWN Sender Number
  • Can send PDF, Video, Multiple Images
  • Any Language Support
  • Sender Panel
  • Instant Delivery Report 
  • Affordable Cost
  • No need to turn of Windows Defender
  • And Many More

Terms & Conditions:

  • Payment is 100% Prepaid
  • Your have to use your OWN number to send WhatsApp messages, We are only providing the software.
  • Sender Number block is not our concern, If number block you can send an unblock request to WhatsApp or you can use new numbers of your own.


  • If You Want To Purchase a Custom Package Feel Free To Contact US.

Why You Need To Do WhatsApp Marketing:

  • You can send message to any WhatsApp numbers of the world
  • In Bangladesh WhatsApp is being used by almost 4 Crore People everyday.
  • WhatsApp is the most using messenger app currently in Bangladesh
  • Everyday Almost 10 thousand Crore message sent and received by WhatsApp Platform
  • You Can send Unlimited Messages Everyday.

WhatsApp marketing is promoting your business through WhatsApp to connect with customers, boost sales, and increase visibility in Bangladesh.

WhatsApp SMS Marketing Software helps businesses send messages on WhatsApp to engage with customers. Dianahost’s software simplifies this process.

Yes, it’s legal as long as you follow local regulations and obtain necessary permissions.

Yes, it’s versatile and suits various industries, including retail, healthcare, and education.

Contact us, and we’ll guide you through setup, campaign creation, and provide necessary tools. Or just simply place an order you will have yoru software.

You can track metrics like message delivery rates with our analytics tools.

whatsapp marketing software in Bangladesh