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Demo #News-1

Price: 5000 /BDT

Demo #News-2

Price: 7000 /BDT

Demo #News-3

Price: 9000 /BDT

Demo #E-com-1

Price: 10,000 /BDT

Demo #E-com-2

Price: 15,000 /BDT

Demo #Hotel-1

Price: 15,000 /BDT

Features :

  1. News Website and Web Portal Development

  2. Customize news portal development

  3. Customize News Portal design

  4. Integrating Content Management System (CMS)

  5. Very good interface

  6. Maintenance and Support

  7. Images and and Video posts

  8. Add/delete/edit features

  9. Multilevel features (Admin, Author, Users and more)

  10. Add/edit/delete advertisement or banner

  11. Easy managing administration panel

  12. Latest news update

  13. Polls

  14. SEO features and many more!


This package doesn’t include domain & hosting. You have to purchase or you have to have your domain hosting separately.