NoN Masking SMS in Bangladesh

To promote your business, product & services non-masking sms will be the best marketing solution for you. Non-masking sms are cheap, affordable, easy to use and simple to deliver. Along with that, you can send the sms to all operators, have unlimited validity and an easy to access control panel. Comparing the price of the sms bundle and features we recommend you to pick the best non-masking sms of Bangladesh.

  • 1000 SMS
  • BDT 300
  • Fixed Sender ID
  • Dedicated Vitual Number
  • All Operator
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Support Bangla SMS
  • 0.30/sms all operator
  • 5000 SMS
  • BDT 1400
  • Fixed Sender ID
  • Dedicated Vitual Number
  • All Operator
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Support Bangla SMS
  • 0.28/sms all operator
  • 10000 SMS
  • BDT 2700
  • Fixed Sender ID
  • Dedicated Vitual Number
  • All Operator
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Support Bangla SMS
  • 0.27/sms all operator
  • 50000 SMS
  • BDT 12500
  • Fixed Sender ID
  • Dedicated Vitual Number
  • All Operator
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Support Bangla SMS
  • 0.25/sms all operator

SMS Features:

  • Instant Delivery
  • 100% SMS Delivery
  • Dedicated Number
  • Unicode Support
  • Full White Label Panel
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Delivery Report
  • Multiple Delivery At Once (Upto 4000 SMS Per Minute)
  • Lowest Cost
  • Free API (Rest & Http)
  • And Many More

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price is TAX & VAT included.
  • SMS is NON MASKING (Not Support Alphabetical ID)
  • Only support Numeric Sender ID


  • If You Want To Purchase Custom Package Feel Free To Contact US.

Panel Prices:

* Whole Seller:

  • Wholesale 1000 Taka Yearly Charge For Panel.
  • Wholesaler can create plenty of re-sellers and users.
  • Complete white-label

* Reseller:

  • Free Panel.
  • Reseller can create plenty of users.
  • Complete white-label

Documents required for SMS Account:

  • Duly filled up Contract form
  • Copy of National ID/Passport/Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Passport size photograph
  • A work order on letterhead

Our Database

  • 75 Million Bangladeshi Mobile Subscriber List Plain List With Just Number
  • 50 Million Bangladeshi Mobile Subscriber List With Area , Handset Brand  OS , Basic/Feature/Smart Phone 2G/3G Categorized
  • 1.2 Million Dhaka Based Smart Phone User List With All above fields.
  • 1.4 Million E-commerce Buyer Seller Owner Mobile Nos
  • 10 Million GSM Subscriber List With All Sort of Usage/Package/ Location/Handset Details Mobile Numbers Lists (Midsize Small Once)
  • Wimax+Heavy Internet Users > 400k+
  • BATA Shoes Buyers & Premium Leather/Wear Users > 100k+
  • Online Offline Foodie People 100k+ [Some are with all details name,address,food item]
  • Bashundahra City+Jamuna Future Park+All Premium Stores Buyers from around the country Including Area/Shop Name > 150k+
  • Iphone/Ipad/Windows Phone/Expensive Handset Users > 400k+
  • Almost All Major Gulshan/Banani/Dhanmondi/Uttara/Bashundhara Cafe-Club-Restaurant Member/Buyers List > 25k+
  • Dhaka Club ,Uttara Club ,Gulshan Club ,Officers Club Golf Club IEB & All Major Clubs Members 30k+
  • Bangladeshi Twitter/Linkfedln/Instagram/Wechat/Vimo Users 50k+
  • Different Level Current Students Mobile Nos List > 500k+
  • Corporate People Mobile Number List 400k+[Telco,Pharma,Garments, IT, Banks,Insurance,Private Universities & others]
  • Music Lover/Movie Freak/Entertainment Loving People List > 200k+
  • Debit/Credit Card Holders from around the country 60k+
  • Abroad Going People > 40k+

Other 50+ Categories Data Available Contact Us For Your Custom Need.

Note: We Do Not Sell Data, We Only Do Campinas.

Are these Non-Masking SMS packages assisted with Fixed sender ID, Virtual number and API?

Definitely yes. We offer all our Non-Masking SMS packages with dedicated branded sender ID, virtual number along with free API (Rest & Http). Our unconditional best Non-Masking SMS packages are sure to fulfill your requirements.

What’s about DianaHost’s Non-Masking SMS validity?

DianaHost’s Non-Masking SMS packages are offered with lifetime validity and you will be guaranteed for the fastest and smoothest Non-Masking SMS packages in Bangladesh.

Are they applicable to all Bangladeshi mobile operators?

You will be glad to know that these all uncompromised Non-Masking SMS packages are applicable to every operator in Bangladesh, regardless of ownership whether govt. owned or private.

Does the offered Non-Masking SMS process come with Bangla SMS?

The answer is yes and additionally, as we, DianaHost, do care about you and your progress, we have brought this special Bangla SMS service included with all these Non-Masking SMS packages.

How much does it cost per Non-Masking SMS in Bangladesh?

The offered Non-Masking SMS packages price per sms vary due to the containing amount of sms in each package. And the offered rate per sms in every single package is same for all the operators in Bangladesh. Furthermore, if you need any specialized package for a larger amount of sms than the offered package/s, you are warmly requested to contact us.

Does any package require an approval fee?

Surely not. All our Non-Masking SMS packages are free from approval fee for your convenience and that is why we are considered as the best Non-Masking SMS service provider in Bangladesh.