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Must Have Startup Shared Hosting Plans in Bangladesh

Shared hosting services in Bangladesh have been increasing day by day. Websites are being used at such a frequency that hosting service is growing popular day by day. The traditional businesses are migrating to the online platforms and reaping the benefits of more engagement as well as widening their customer range. This is also resulting in more and more young entrepreneurs getting interested in the online media. The online media helps to get products and services to more people than the physical mediums can. There is also the matter of commission based online businesses where playing the role of bridging between customer and producer has also resulted in great success.

So in short the online business sector is a fertile ground for startups to gain advantage from. But all of the success depends on the startups having a website. With new and easy ways to create websites like using WordPress, getting a website built is easier. But a certain amount of stress has to be given to choosing hosting plans. When a startup is starting the business they are usually low on funds. But at the same time they also have to make a good impression on users with the site performance. Finding the balance between convenient pricing and good performance is a tricky thing to find. Dianahost is one of the best web hosting service in Bangladesh that provides such options.

Dianahost provides shared hosting options at a wide range of hosting offers.

Our plans includes:

  • Storage- 1000 Gb (Maximum)
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Sub-domains – Unlimited
  • addon domains – Maximum 10
  • FTP accounts – unlimited amount
  • Email accounts – unlimited
  • cPanel
  • Customer support

These features are best for startups. These specifications are available at the highest, paid hosting plan in Dianahost. This plan costs $105/month. But this plan might not sound very convenient to some. But there are 10 plans in Dianahost that caters to various types of startup websites. The plans range from as low as $1/month to the previously mentioned $105/month. We are providing great plans for startups in terms of shared hosting plans.

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