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Difference between domain and hosting you should know

Domain and hosting are the two major things for building a website. Due to this, you have to be cautious about these things. Along with that, you have to know the difference between these two items. If you are new in this arena then you should read the whole blog thoroughly. For any kind of website and online business domain and hosting is a must-have thing. Buying a domain and hosting for your business is easier than ever nowadays.

Both things are different from one another. Let’s learn more about these!

What is domain?

A domain is the identity of a virtual name of any business. The business can be any type. You have to choose a unique name of a domain. There is no duplicate domain available in this world. All the domains of the are the world are available in the domain registration of the world. From Bangladesh, you can choose the best domain for your business by Dianahost. You can pick a domain with any extension from us.

There are varieties of domain extensions in the world. Among them .com is the most commonly used and popular domain extension. These extensions are also known as TLD. after the .com TLD .net, .org, .xyz, .info, .biz are the most used TLD of the market. In recent years, there is a great craze about .xyz TLD. this can be the next .com TLD.

Domain registration is now easier than ever. From anywhere in the world you can register your domain with minimum effort.

A domain is one of the most major things to brand your online business and e-commerce. Due to this, the importance of domain names is increasing day by day. A perfect and brandable domain name can make your business more viable and marketing easy.

Now let’s learn about the hosting!

What is hosting?

Generally, hosting is a space like a hard disk where the data of the website is stored. All the process and data has been processed in this hosting. The information you and your customers/viewers are putting on your website are stored in the hosting. In hosting you will be able to store data that you need to offer to the customer. The items we are downloading from the website are also stored in the hosting.

Combining all these things, you can tell hosting all the lifeline of your website. All the mechanisms of any website rely on hosting. The better your hosting is the better the performance of your website will be. If you are owning an e-commerce website or news portal then you should use the fastest and best quality hosting.

Among the varieties of hosting types, people use shared hosting. This hosting type is the most efficient and cost-effective. Most of the corporate and low-grade websites can use this shared hosting for their website. If your website does not have that much heavy traffic then you can use this hosting. This is the most popular hosting of Bangladesh.
Besides that, due to the massive popularity of WordPress, you will find specialized WordPress hosting. If you wish to use WordPress for your website then it will be better to use WordPress hosting rather than shared hosting. After that, you can use VPS hosting for large websites and heavy traffic websites. Along with that for reseller hosting is good for developers and people who are owning several websites.

From the above description, we are expecting that you have got a clear idea about the domain and hosting and their differences. By doing the QC maintenance, DianaHost has tried to provide the best domain registration and hosting service in Bangladesh. And surely all of them in the most competitive price and after-sales service.

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