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11 Common Question About Dianahost Domain & Hosting

1. How can I get a free domain from Dianahost hosting provider?

Dianahost frequently offers free domain opportunities as a part of promo codes or other promotional packages. Do visit our Offer page to grab these opportunities.

If you are interested in choosing and purchasing package/s from Dianahost’s, you will often be gifted with free limited domain opportunities. Dianahost is considered one of the best hosting companies in Bangladesh for this kind of opportunity with dedicated care.

2. Which hosting is best for e-commerce from Dianahost?

Dianahost has come with the best CORPORATE HOSTING in Bangladesh for e-commerce. They have several packages under this hosting category at an affordable price. The offered packages are enriched with SSL, ZenCart, Quick Setup OpenCart, osCommerce, Agora shopping cart, CubeCart accompanied by other e-commerce needed tools.

3. What are the things to consider before buying hosting from Dianahost?

Check out all the requirements for your desired site to host with them. Before purchasing any package from Dianahost, a great consideration for package features, price, specialties, add-ons, hardware, customer reviews, email features, and customer support is required. Before purchasing any hosting plan for your website you may take some suggestions from the existing users or expert review.

4. How can you buy domain names from Dianahost?

To buy a domain name from Dianahost, the best hosting company in Bangladesh is a simple process. This process includes:

  • Select a new domain or an existing one
  • Input account details
  • Select your desired package/s
  • Confirm hosting purchase
  • Create your password
  • Log into your web hosting cPanel

5. What is the difference between Managed & Unmanaged Linux hosting of Dianahost?

The difference is pretty simple. The managed Linux hosting means the hosting company will manage all the hardware, software, power, and network for you. Furthermore, the server setup, backups, control panel along the operating system will also be managed by your hosting company.

On the contrary, unmanaged Linux hosting means you will be responsible for managing the servers operating system software, updates firewall, security, and backups with third-party software. But the rest of the other issues will be handled by your hosting company.

6. Why is cPanel so important for hosting?

cPanel is greatly important for managing your hosting and website. Besides, the website publishes and manages the domain, web files, email accounts are maintained and checked by it. This is the best option form managing everything on your website

7. What are the different types of hosting available in Dianahost?

Dianahost’s offered hosting types are:

8. What are the advantages of Dianahost shared hosting?

The advantages of Dianahost’s shared hosting are many. Some of them are:

  • SSD hosting server for ultra-fast loading speed
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • cPanel powered
  • Guaranteed backup supports and so on

9. Will I get full domain control from Dianahost?

Why not? You will have all the required access and control related to your domain. Dianahost has the reputation for providing the best-dedicated care for its potential valuable customers including domain purchasers.

10. What are the marketing tools can I purchase from Dianahost?

Dianahost has huge expertise and reputation because of its effective dedicated marketing tools. Its dedicated marketing tools are MASKING SMS, NON-MASKING SMS, BULK SMS RESELLER, SEO.

11. What are the top Domain Extensions from Dianahost?

The importance of having top domain extensions are many in number, for instance SEO performance. Dianahost’s top domains are .com, .xyz , .net, .info, .icu, .top, .biz, .org, .me, .club, .us, .mobi, .de and so on. You can choose any of the domain extensions as per your need. Some of the domain extensions are brandable and lucrative for branding. Register your domain in just 2 minute.

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