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An Overview of Dianahost Basic & Heavy Web Hosting Plan in Bangladesh

Finding the best hosting package is now one of the top concerns for the people. There are many things to take in concern before purchasing any web hosting packages. To solve your problem of indecision Dianahost has the best combo web hosting solution for anyone with a money back guarantee. All our hosting plan has SSD system which will give you the super fast hosting speed with 24/7 international support service.

Basic Hosting Plan (Shared Hosting)

We have a total of 10 shared hosting plans for our valid customers. For any kind of personal use, you can take our 500MB or 1GB SSD hosting. Website those which have lower traffic and a low amount of data can use this hosting plan easily at a low cost. In case of any certain traffic surge, you can shuffle to other higher hosting plan as you wish.

Additionally, you can take 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB shared hosting plans if you have any business website. These packages are very much popular for small business offices or small corporate websites. You will get all the premium features of a hosting plan from any of our hosting packages.

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Heavy Hosting Plan (Premium Web Hosting)

In all of our heavy-duty hosting plan includes cPanel, Unlimited Bandwidth. Unlimited Sub-Domains, 10 Addon Domains, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Email Accounts. Our heavy duty hosting plan starts from 20GB and ended in 1000GB. You can use these hosting plans for your eCommerce website, news website where the number of traffic is much higher. If you take this service it will help your website to act fast and give your website a decent look.

In all our hosting packages we guaranteed 99.9% uptime and DDos protection. We use Softaculous Pro by which you can install any app in just one click. We provide all types of premium features for email so that none of your emails will go to the spam box of your client.

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We also have premium hosting and reseller hosting plan in Bangladesh for all walks of the customer. No matter what your need is we can give you the solution. You can take our service anywhere in the world.

If you need any kind of suggestion please feel free to contact our support center to get your desired hosting plan.

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